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Practical & beautiful

As we notice what is happening outside in nature , it‘s also represented in us too, because we too, are that very nature.

Enjoy the essence of each month and learn more about the qualities available throughout the year, as you gain confidence to Grow Your Own Food. 

Each week of the year, we’ve included plenty of step-by-step To-Dos. These guide you through the cycle of the year, helping you make the most of the space you have – whether it’s on a windowsill in pots, on your terrace, garden, vegetable plot or farm ~ and gently work the land for best practice and results.

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Elemental Colour Combinations ~ Earth, Water, Air & Fire

Throughout the Flourish 2024 calendar, we’ve selected special colours reflecting the 4 elements;

  • For the Winter months, the element of Earth, which generates Root growth is shown through the colour Apricot
  • Water & Leaf growth in the Spring months is depicted in aqua Blue
  • Air & Flower & Stem development in Summer is coloured sunshine Yellow
  • Fire & Fruit formation during the Autumn months is shown in a gorgeous warm Red

When all 4 Elements are balanced & harmonious, we have the best growth ~ Learn how!

We are finding new ways forward for educating ourselves – learn & practice these tried and tested methods. They combine traditional crafts and holistic practices with the science that now confirms why they are so enormously beneficial and effective.

All the gardening advice & tips in the Calendar are courtesy of Hans Gunther Kern, teacher & lecturer of Biodynamic principles for the last 40 years. We’ve been following his Biodynamic Gardening Course for the past eighteen months and it’s had an enormously positive impact on the way we think about everything, not just gardening!

We wanted to share this knowledge and experience with as many people as possible, so, putting all these good intentions into reality, we’ve produced the Flourish 2024 Calendar ~ enabling more people to join us and ‘Grow Your Own Food’!

Includes 4 unique Celebration Preparation Days…

These are special quarterly get-together days, when we can work collectively with herbal preparations, creating boundaries and protection for the land, and providing the best health for our plants and soils ~ and, of course, for ourselves.

An opportunity for you to join us or meet with friends at least four times a year ~ to come together to put our ideas and intentions into practice ~ imagine the power of that?

Investing in the earth…

Proceeds from this Fourish 2024 Calendar will go towards planting orchards in Dorset ~ fruit trees, nut trees and fruit bushes that will flower and fruit each year. Their deep roots give stability to the soil, holding the potential for many years’ growth. Not only that, they give us nutrition, shade, wood ~ and bees love them!

We will keep you updated on our progress!

If you do one thing as a result of reading this, plant a fruit or nut tree! It’s a sound investment for food security for your future. You plant once, and it produces ongoingly, the gift that keeps on giving…

Rather than options of complete extremities ~ wilderness or industrialised, chemical processes ~ there is a gentle restorative, abundant alternative for best practice.

We and the Earth deserve that…